12 February 2015

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Use the Copying Technique to Study Composition

If you have ever spent some time in an art museum, you may have noticed an art student with a […]

07 January 2015

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On Being Fully Committed With Your Music

Photo by Ed Schipul Occasionally I teach private lessons in┬ácomposition, which it turns out is one of the best ways […]

06 October 2014

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Compose Faster By Breaking Up Your Writing Sessions

It seems counterintuitive, but one of the most effective ways I’ve found for writing music quickly is to break my […]

22 September 2014

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Insights from the 2014 Production Music Conference

On Friday September 12th I attended the first ever Production Music Conference in Culver City, hosted by the Production Music […]

22 July 2014

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This has been a productive year for my tutorial and article writing over at Tuts+. I wrote 11 new tuts […]

25 February 2013

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Applying the idea of Forward Writing to Composing Music

I was recently inspired by a post I stumbled upon about the concept of forward writing. I’ve read several books […]

04 June 2012

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New on SCOREcast: Value Studies

My newest article for SCOREcast is now online: Value Studies: A Painter’s Technique for Composers Initially inspired by my good […]

21 May 2012

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Composing With Space in Mind

An aspect of composing that I still have an admittedly difficult time with is leaving appropriate amounts of space.┬áBy this […]

23 April 2012

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Audiotuts: Customizing CineBrass

My latest tutorial for Audiotuts is now online: Customizing Cinebrass. CineBrass is my new favorite brass library and in the […]

19 March 2012

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Write Music that Directs Not Reflects

I’m currently scoring a short film that has been an enlightening experience. I imagine this is part of every film […]

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