20 March 2017

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If You Only Study One Thing in Music

Photo by Red Junasun Studying composition is a ton of work. There are innumerable subjects within the overall category of […]

04 November 2016

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“What shall I do next?” – Musical Form

One of the greatest music books I’ve ever read is “Musical Structure and Design” by Cedric T. Davie. I have […]

05 August 2015

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The Three Fundamental Principles of Film Scoring

Photo by Jeremy Brooks Writing original music for film can be a complex and nuanced endeavor, with hundreds of different […]

14 May 2015

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“Getting the Score – Pacing in American Beauty”

Master composer and teacher Alain Mayrand has written a great post about his study of Thomas Newman’s score to American […]

12 February 2015

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Use the Copying Technique to Study Composition

If you have ever spent some time in an art museum, you may have noticed an art student with a […]

26 March 2014

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Tuts+ Music & Audio Tutorials

I’ve been writing for Audiotuts for almost six years now! The site has recently undergone a redesign and is now […]

02 November 2011

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Towards a New Theory of Music

In my opinion, “music theory” is a misnomer. Music theory courses and books are really referring to a theory of […]

03 August 2011

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Why a Film Composer Should Study Screenwriting

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about screenwriting. I’m not currently writing a screenplay (although I’d like to someday); I’m […]

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