25 September 2017

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On Forward Momentum in Music

Photo by 夏天 Or, The Obvious Way to Maintain Suspense. Tension and release is a basic fundamental of composing music. […]

14 March 2016

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“Star Wars: Exile” Released on YouTube

Exile, the incredible Star Wars fan film I recently scored, has been officially released and is available to watch on […]

01 March 2016

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“Cold Intention” – New Release on Reserve

A new album of tension/film-score/dark/drama cues that I wrote is now available for license from Reserve Music. The orchestral/electronic hybrid […]

05 February 2016

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Two Shadows Now Streaming

Two Shadows, the feature film I scored that was written and directed by Greg Cahill and filmed primarily in Cambodia, […]

09 October 2015

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Fire City: End of Days Released on Amazon and iTunes

Fire City: End of Days, the epic demon-noir thriller I scored, is now available for purchase or rental on Amazon […]

08 October 2014

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“The Dancing Pumpkin” on Vimeo on Demand

I’m very excited to announce the release of “The Dancing Pumpkin and the Ogre’s Plot”. The Dancing Pumpkin is a […]

04 August 2014

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Orchestral Fantasy Adventure Release by Reserve Music

Reserve Music has released an album of orchestral Fantasy Adventure music I recently composed. The album is called “Priscilla” and […]

21 September 2010

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Pastor Shepherd DVD available for pre-order on Amazon

The DVD of Pastor Shepherd is now available for pre-order on Amazon. The film co-stars Danny Trejo from Robert Rodriguez’s […]

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