06 March 2017

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Present More Than One Idea

In the beginning stages of a project, getting off on the right foot with the client is crucial. One way […]

06 June 2016

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Film Scoring 101: Naming Files for Clarity

Photo by Victor Hanacek courtesy of picjumbo.com A seemingly innocuous subject when scoring for film is the importance of naming […]

28 September 2015

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The Only “Right” Method Is The One That Works For You

photo by Paweł Kadysz I’ve been experimenting with MIDI software and DAWs since the mid-1990s. I can still remember my […]

06 October 2014

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Compose Faster By Breaking Up Your Writing Sessions

It seems counterintuitive, but one of the most effective ways I’ve found for writing music quickly is to break my […]

17 June 2013

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How To Earn a Living as An Artist in 3 Steps

I recently discovered a fantastic site called Zen Pencils. Melbourne based artist Gavin Aung Than finds inspirational, thoughtful or otherwise […]

14 May 2012

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The Creative Process

There is a fantastic article from Sam McNerney over at creativitypost.com called “Produce First, Sharpen Second: What Dylan’s Vomit Teaches […]

08 November 2011

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The Filmmaker’s Guide to Giving Feedback on Music

A common question I get form directors is “How do you like to talk about notes and feedback on your […]

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