Samples I Use, Part I: Cinematic Studio Strings

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I am often asked what sample libraries I use, so over a few posts I’ll talk about my favorites that I use regularly and why.

First up is strings, the backbone of any orchestral sample library and the most important to get right.

I have three basic criteria when it comes to choosing a sample library. My ideal library will:

  1. Sound great (obviously)
  2. Be instantly playable
  3. Have deeper layers of nuance and customization

My go to string library for several years has been Cinematic Studio Strings, which easily meets all three of my basic criteria. I love how they sound. I also love how I can load up a patch, immediately start playing with it on the keyboard, and it sounds great. And I love how there are a wide variety of articulations, bowing types, vibrato control, and a host of other smaller details that allow you to have precise control when you want it.

They also recently came out with their solo strings library, which is based on all of the same principles and I have been very happy with it as well.

And most surprising of all is that, compared to other high end string libraries, they are on the lower end of the price range at only $399. Check out the samples and videos and hear for yourself.

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