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22 January 2018

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Non-Music Software That Keeps My Composing Career Running Smoothly

Here are 7 apps I use every single day that don’t actually produce any sound, but keep me productive and […]

05 June 2017

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Artists

There is a great video of Andrew Price giving a presentation at the 2016 Blender Conference in Amsterdam. It’s long […]

17 April 2017

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How To Get Side Projects Done

Photo by Mark Gunn One of the blessings and curses of being a creative person is that I’m always coming […]

06 March 2017

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Present More Than One Idea

In the beginning stages of a project, getting off on the right foot with the client is crucial. One way […]

15 November 2016

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Measure Minutes Writing, Not Minutes Written

Photo by Mark Morgan There are many examples of famous writers throughout history who set themselves daily writing goals. Usually, […]

06 June 2016

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Film Scoring 101: Naming Files for Clarity

Photo by Victor Hanacek courtesy of picjumbo.com A seemingly innocuous subject when scoring for film is the importance of naming […]

04 April 2016

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Advice from “Steal Like an Artist”

Photo by fervent-adepte-de-la-mode. Austin Kleon’s little book “Steal Like an Artist” has a lot of great tips about creativity and […]

22 March 2016

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How to Plan The Scoring Process

Photography by: Jeshu John A student composer recently asked me for advice on workflow. Here is the response I gave […]

06 January 2016

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“Deep Work” by Cal Newport

I have been a fan of Cal Newport for a long time. The author/mathematician/professor behind the brilliant Study Hacks blog […]

22 September 2014

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Insights from the 2014 Production Music Conference

On Friday September 12th I attended the first ever Production Music Conference in Culver City, hosted by the Production Music […]

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